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Its Time To Make Your Business PROFIT again!

Meet Our Award Winning Team


Nina Donnelly, MBA

LEAN PROJECT MGR, Six Sigma Black Belt

Someone once asked me, "Nina, what are you passionate about?

What gives you joy in your day-to-day life?"  

At that moment, I realized my joy rested in assisting others to reach their dreams through 

creating a more Lean platform for the world.

So I created Orderly Konduct, LLC.


From the very moment we begin helping our clients, our teams strive to create a large impact by immediately uncovering stale and overfed processes.

We analyze, prioritize and then monetize reports so clients can clearly and simply understand what can be better (and why).

We work tirelessly to understand what is currently happening, and what needs to happen to help you envision the future of your business and home environments.  


"Nina has an innate ability to walk into a room, immediately go to work to understand the business culture, energy, and layout, and know exactly what it needs, what's missing, or how it could feel better.  It's in her DNA".


I love to create beautifully operating, well-organized, purposeful processes and spaces in and around businesses and homes; it's my joy!  


Graduating at the top of my class both in undergraduate and Master's Degree programs, and being a Six Sigma Black Belt, Scrum Master, and Agile Practitioner, I am thoroughly qualified to see you through this process

and help you get LEAN!

Let's Get Started!

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Our Client's Testimonies Say It All!


"Nina is highly effective and focused"


"She has been redesigning business programs for years and was fine with my numerous questions. Releasing mountains of unneeded steps and processes can be overwhelming, so having a professional work along with us made the process much easier and faster. Personally she helped me with home life renewal, particularly as my dad has passed and my mom has dementia and is frail and unable to assist. The prep work suggestion was very useful and I was able to release several boxes of recycling and shredding before our session. The changes in the two areas are amazing -- I am using her suggestions to continue releasing steps of stale old processes that were not working. I applaud her ingenuity and her teams ability to see past clutter in the process and physically inside the business and home"  --Mayah B., Chesapeake, 

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