Business owners and operators are always under pressure to deliver performance. As a leader, it's always GO time. And whether its delivering profits or ensuring the performance of your staff, as the BOSS you are on the hook for it all.


    The good news is that Orderly Konduct can help!


    We have over 50 years combined experience in organizing, Six Sigma, Kaizen, 5-S Modality and more.


    We are a skilled team of MBAs and Six Sigma Black Belts who are ready to deploy, assess and get you where you need to be quickly! Call for more details

  •                  FENG SHUI FOR BUSINESS

     The ancient art of Feng Shui can help you command the spot light! 


    Simply put, Feng Shui is incredible for increasing productivity, performance and compradore all resulting in the increase in profits. This makes you, the business owner and or operator shine!


    Call today to schedule your free Feng Shui Estimate and let us help you shine like the diamond you know you are. 

  •              SIX SIGMA FOR BUSINESS

    Here are just a few reasons you need Six Sigma Today:

    • Implementing Six Sigma in a business helps employees manage their time effectively. This results in an efficient business and productive employees.

    • Implementing six sigma in a business reduces the risk of having dissatisfied customers.  

    • Implementing Six Sigma increases employs morale and generates proven productivity increases of as much as 35%. 

    • Orderly Konduct has skilled, Certified Six Sigma practitioners ready to help. Call today for a free consultation!

  •              OKCST FOR (MORE) BUSINESS

    In todays busy working landscape many times employers have little time to fully train up new staff members on the customs and courtesies that clients demand. Especially in todays world of instantaneous reviews, clients make their experiences known and especially when they are not happy.

    Enter OKCST

    Orderly Konduct Customer Service Training


    To avoid bad reviews, which usually lead to souring potential clients, companies MUST do better than anyone else at making the client feel happy, welcome and appreciated.


    OKCST  can help! 


    We oversee the current goings-on of each employee in a stealthy manner, evaluate the data and make recommendations to you for further training. This is much less expensive than losing clients. This service is an add on item to the other services we offer. 


    Want to know more? Great! Give us a call so we can further discuss.


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