Staging and Pre Listing Assistance

 FORBES Magazine: 

"Staging can save you from a costly price reduction”

"On Average, an organized, staged home will

sell for 17% more than a non-staged home.

This means that for a $300,000 home

you could make an extra $5,100!


95% of staged homes sell in 11 days or less! 11 days!"


5 Myths (and Truths) About Selling Your Home


Myth #1: I need to redo my kitchen and bathroom before selling


Myth #2: My home’s exterior isn’t as important as the interior


Myth #3: If my house is clean, I don’t need to stage it


Myth #4: Granite and stainless steel appliances are old news


Myth #5: Home shoppers can ignore paint colors they don’t like

Orderly Konduct, LLC  knows what it takes

to get your home ready.


We won't charge you exhorbanent costs or rent you pricey unneeded items.


We declutter the spaces, redesign the home, use what you have (with a sprinkling of added this or that as needed) and leave your home ready to list!



prior to

listing your home!

Williamsburg, Virginia

Serving all of  Virginia and beyond

Virtual Services Available

(757) 405-7778

Williamsburg, VA


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