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The Odel Transformation

We are the Odel Family. We feel like we had style and the design in mind, but didnt have the time to see our vision come to life. With thoughtful planning, Nina and her team came to the rescue! Look at our beautiful kitchen today! 2020 really wasn't all that bad when you consider what a beautiful kitchen we now have! Thank you Nina and TEAM Orderly Konduct!

T. Odel and Family, 2020

The Alexsandra S.


Nina is one of the best communicators I have met in many years running my own business. I know how hard it is to create a product, price it for what it’s worth (not to attract customers based on low price only), and convey that value to the client before they see it. Nina has this great soft skill of being direct without being forceful, finding the best method of communication, implementing the language that the client speaks and understanding their life philosophy, and channeling all of it into a beautiful result.

I know we are talking about garage only in my case, but the woman is a magician! The transformation is incredible, the space looks amazing, logical, intuitive, and provides great visibility of all our positions with possibility of adding as needed in the same organized fashion. 


As much as I am impressed with the end result, I cannot stop thinking of the whole process and delivery, and I was out of country for the entire project. Nina knew exactly when to consult me so not to overwhelm me on my vacation, figured out somehow that I don’t like micromanaging (she can most likely work with quite the opposite type of a client too with equal success), and even cooked us organic dinner to wait for us when we arrived late at night after multiple flights


And have I mentioned that this is all happening while everyone is waiting for hurricane Florence? Incredible all around!!! Cannot recommend her highly enough!!!

​Aleksandra S. Newport News, VA















The Hampton


"She stuck to her word with price, the time she was going to be there, etc. She organized the kitchen to where it looks better, operates more efficiently, and is user friendly. I highly recommend her."

Mildred, Hampton, VA 

The Williamsburg


"Nina is highly effective and focussed.  She has been organizing for years and was fine with my numerous questions.  
Releasing family papers and items can be overwhelming, so having a professional work along with me made the process much easier and faster than on my own, particularly as my dad has passed and my mom has dementia and is frail and unable to assist.


The prep-work suggestion was very useful and I was able to release several boxes of recycling and shredding before our session

The changes in the two areas are amazing -- I am using her suggestions to continue releasing things we don't need and have filled another recycling bin full of papers."

MO., Williamsburg, VA

The Virginia Beach


"Organized kitchen and office area - offered insight on setting up an organizational and decluttering system throughout the house.


Nina is an amazing organizer. She's creative, intuitive, intelligent, and wonderful! I have hired organizers through the years, but Nina was the only one I would say really understood us from the get-go - even when it was difficult for us to explain what we needed.
We are on the road a lot, so we don't have much time to come back and declutter or go through closets. With her assistance, we can now park 2 cars in our garage!"

Nancy F., Newport News, VA

The Portsmouth


"Nina was extremely professional, time efficient, and passionate about the work she did. Her assistant, William, was willing to do anything to help the process go as quickly and smoothly as possible. Together they created an absolutely beautiful room that is completely functional for my business & personal needs.


Since this room has been completed, I've been EXCITED to work, where previously, I dreaded walking into my office. It was disorganized, not functional, and caused stress in my daily tasks. Now I enjoy spending time in this space and find that I am much more efficient in getting work done, and as a small business owner, that means the world to me. Above all, Nina made sure all of my needs were met while also helping me to implement more efficient ways of organizing my office.Orderly Konduct will absolutely be coming back bring more beauty and organization to our home!"

Lacey B., Portsmouth, VA

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